Great emphasis is placed upon English in school as it is the means by which all learning is accessed. The teaching of reading is linked to speaking and listening as the words we read are made up of sounds that we hear. There is a structured and successful phonic scheme in school which is supported by our school reading scheme. Children are encouraged to read at home and we strongly recommend that parents and carers regularly read to their children as well as hear them read. Children also benefit from their parents/carers discussing and questioning the text they are reading with them, this deepens comprehension skills. Good readers who have been read to regularly develop into confident writers. Opportunities for writing are provided throughout the curriculum and opportunities for early mark making and emergent writing are provided as part of the continuous provision in Early Years and KS1. All pupils take part in Big Writing – a dedicated time when pupils can write fuller, more extended pieces of writing.


Not sure how to pronounce phonemes? Click on the lips below to listen to phoneme articulate the sounds.