School Council Policy, Purposes and Aims


A school council helps to ensure that pupils have:

  • a safe, happy, fair learning environment
  • a forum to voice their concerns and act upon them
  • a structured opportunity to learn problem-solving skills
  • an opportunity to take an active part in the management of the school
  • experience of democratic processes.

A school council should encourage pupils to develop:

  • a sense of ownership over policy and practice
  • a consensus over school issues, such as behaviour
  • responsibility towards the school community and environment.

A school council should give pupils experience of:

  • planning, organising and monitoring small projects
  • speaking, listening and debating
  • mediation and negotiation skills
  • basic budgeting and managing money.

A school council should prepare pupils for citizenship by:

  • Teaching them about roles, rights and responsibilites, in school and the community.