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A good understanding of mathematics not only enhances learning in maths, science and technology subjects, it is also a fundamental skill relevant to many aspects of everyone's working and social life. At Rawdon St. Peter’s, mathematics is seen as a high profile subject and is taught on a daily basis throughout school. In line with the new National Curriculum 2014, teaching staff focus on developing pupils’ fluency and mastery in maths. Teaching staff also believe that it is important to make maths learning as practical as possible, using resources such as, Numicon and Diennes to consolidate learning.

In EYFS and Key Stage 1 classes, pupils are taught maths by their class teacher. In Key Stage 2, pupils are taught in similar maths ability groups. Furthermore, Rawdon St. Peter’s continues to fund an additional maths teacher in Year 5 and 6 classes in order to reduce the teaching group size and increase the amount of dedicated teacher time for pupils. This has resulted in a year-on-year rise in pupil attainment since its commencement.

To further promote opportunities for maths, teaching staff at Rawdon St. Peter’s combine opportunities for learning in maths in cross-curricular ways, for example, through incorporating maths and logical problem-solving in specialist weeks, such as science week and through Active Learning Games including Tagiv8, where maths challenges are solved alongside the physical game of Tag rugby. Staff also liaise with LCC ‘Artforms/ Artemis’’ to loan artefacts and artwork on which to build sequences of maths lessons which provide a real context for learning. There are also many maths foci incorporated into the learning of our “Big Question” topics. 

We believe the quick recall of number facts helps all pupils to use maths more efficiently, thus, mental maths skills are also taught daily. Problem solving and investigations make up a significant part of the maths curriculum and enable pupils to use maths in real life situations.

In order to develop the maths confidence levels and skills of our parents/carers so that they can fully support their children at home, teaching staff, hold regular ‘Maths Morning workshops’ in which parents/carers join their child in their child’s maths lesson. Maths Mornings and Maths Evenings have a focus on the learning of calculation methods.  


Maths Evening - November 2019

Maths evening presentation

KS1 Addition and Subtraction

KS1 Multiplication and Division


LKS2 Addition and subtraction

LKS2 Multiplication and division