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Maths Content


At Rawdon St. Peter’s we aim to inspire all children to reach their full academic potential. In mathematics, this means ensuring a curriculum that is fully inclusive of all children which:

  • Develops children’s knowledge and understanding of Mathematical concepts
  • Provides opportunities for them to practise and sharpen skills and methods.
  • Encourages critical thinking
  • Provides the opportunity to forge cross curricular links
  • Provides a strong problem solving foundation.
  • Actively encourages children to apply their mathematical skills to everyday life situations.
  • Creates a solid foundation on which they can build in secondary school and beyond.

Daily lessons

Maths is taught every day for approximately 1 hour, although teaching sessions are shorter in our Early Years base. It comprises of; shared, guided and independent work, mental and oral maths.

How we do it?

Where possible, we try to involve real life contexts to enable easy access to maths concepts within the curriculum.

We do not use a certain maths scheme, preferring to personalise learning to meet the needs of the pupils.

Assessment in Mathematics

Assessment for learning takes place in every maths lesson. Our children constantly peer/self-assess against the learning objective and success criteria in each lesson.

Work is marked in line with the school’s marking policy and gives children a chance to be part of their next step/ target setting.



The PTA has kindly funded whole school subscription to the online maths learning website ‘Mathletics’. This excellent website can be used as a learning to reinforce learning in the classroom. Additionally, Mathletics can be accessed from home too. Children can complete dedicated activities that link with the new national curriculum objectives or they can compete with other mathematicians across the world to be the fastest and most accurate at answering mental maths questions.  


Maths Mornings for Parents

Throughout the academic year we hold a number of ‘Maths Mornings’.  The purpose of Maths Mornings is to invite parents from every class to participate in their child’s daily maths lesson, to inform parents of what and how their child is learning in their maths class/set at that point in time. Maths Mornings will usually have a focus on the teaching and learning of methods of calculation and we hope that this will enable you to further support your child with methods that are taught in school.

Programmes of Study

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Year 2

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Year 4

Year 5

Year 6