Rawdon St. Peter's C of E Primary School

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At Rawdon St. Peter’s, Religious Education is taught in accordance with the Leeds Agreed Syllabus (Believing and Belonging) and reflects the distinctive and inclusive ethos of our Christian foundation. 

Along with National Curriculum subjects, Religious Education forms part of our curriculum.  A high quality Religious education enables us to support pupils in developing their understanding of Christianity and other principal religions and value systems, providing opportunities for reflection upon their own lives and experiences.

Aims for Religious Education

At Rawdon St. Peter’s Primary School we ensure that all pupils receive their R.E. entitlement and R.E. is also an integral part of the wholes curriculum Links between Religious Education and other curriculum areas is encouraged. Within our distinctive context we emphasise:

  • A Christian ethos which permeates the whole curriculum and provides a basis for comparing, contrasting and understanding a range of faiths and belief systems.
  • Difference and Diversity, which is enhanced by our inclusion work with the NWSILC (Orchard class) and links with Christ Church School in Uganda.
  • The importance of first hand meaningful experiences including visits and visitors into school, learning outside the classroom and opportunities for reflection.
  • Close links with Rawdon St Peter’s Church, Trinity Church and the wider community.



  • Where do we live and who lives there?
  • How do Christians celebrate Christmas?
  • What makes a good helper?
  • What can we see in our wonderful world?
  • Who and what are special to us?


  • Which books and stories are special?
  • How do we celebrate special events?
  • What does it mean to belong to a church or mosque?
  • How and why do we care for others?
  • Who brought messages about God and what did they say?
  • How is new life welcomed?
  • How can we make good choices?
  • How and why do people pray?
  • How can we look after the planet?
  • hat did Jesus teach and how did he live?

Lower KS2

  • How do Jews remember God’s covenant with Abraham and Moses?
  • What is Spirituality and how do people experience this? 
  • What do Christians believe about a good life? 
  • What do the creation stories tell us?
  • How are important events remembered?
  • What faiths are shared in our country?
  • How do the Five Pillars guide Muslims?
  • Why are Gurus at the heart of Sikh belief and practice?
  • Additional unit: Who can inspire us?

Upper KS2

  • Why are some journeys and places special?
  • What values are shown in codes for living?
  • Should we forgive others?
  • What do Christians believe about the old and new covenants?
  • How do Sikhs show commitment?
  • What do Christians believe about Jesus’ death and resurrection?
  • How does growing up bring responsibilities?
  • How do Jews remember the Kings and Prophets in worship and life?.