Rawdon St. Peter's C of E Primary School

Unlocking every child's potential

A Warm Welcome to Rawdon St Peter's

Founded by Thomas Layton in 1710, the Old Town School' has evolved over three centuries to become Rawdon St Peter's Church of England Primary School. We are very proud of our close links with St Peter's Church and its Christian ethos. Children are encouraged to learn amidst a warm and friendly atmosphere, the result of our open and inclusive approach. We are located amidst greenbelt land, in the heart of Rawdon village, nestled at the foot of 'The Billing'.

Our skilled teaching staff creatively deliver the curriculum in an enjoyable and accessible style, with the aim of unlocking every child's potential, whatever it may be. This approach makes learning available to all children, whilst ensuring our high academic standards are maintained.                         

Good relationships are the bedrock of Rawdon St Peter's, with equal commitment from pupils, staff, parents/carers and governors. From Foundation to year 6, our Home School Agreement promotes our culture of openess and is a constructive tool if difficulties are encountered. 

Children are taught many values here; most importantly, respect. Our popular and successful 'Behaviour Diamond' has been designed both to educate and to illustrate to our children what can be achieved - and lost - through their behaviour.

Rawdon St Peter's School is unique in the area. We were specially selected as a base for the North West Specialist Inclusive Learning Centre (NWSILC). Our base, named 'Orchard' enables pupils with specific needs to be full members of our school community, where every pupil is taught the value of living in a diverse society.

Throughout your child's journey through primary education, our teaching is designed to nurture enquiring minds, build confidence and promote respect. You can be comfortable in the knowledge that your child or children's education and welfare will be enhanced as a precious pupil of Rawdon St Peter's.

Ensuring pupils move happily between different stages is very important to all the staff at Rawdon St Peter's. We have excellent links with our Pre-School Providers and the local High Schools and we ensure our pupils are well prepared to move onto the next stage of their schooling.

Caroline Sibson, Headteacher