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W/C 11th May 2020

This is our special time together

Let us light the candle

Sometimes it can be hard to have hope, especially in difficult or worrying times.
However, Christians believe that Jesus teaches about hope as something that
can grow, with encouragement and faith. Hope is to be shared. EVERYONE CAN BE A HOPE CARRIER. ‘Hope is a baton, something to be held onto but also passed on. Hope comes to us… to flow through us.’

Click on the picture opposite to watch the first video - it will take you to the link.

In today’s Bible story, Jesus talks about something very tiny. A seed. A very, very small seed called a mustard seed. In the story we learn how 'Even the smallest of seeds… becomes a tree.’ 

Time for reflection

Find a place where you can be still, without interruptions.

You might like to light a candle as you begin.

I wonder what the smallest thing you can find in your house might be?
Can you hold it in your hand? Will it fit on your fingertip?
Look at it closely. How does it make you feel?

Perhaps you’d like to act out making yourself into a tiny seed – as small as you can possibly squish yourself. Now stretch up as tall as you can, like the tallest tree you have ever seen.

This is what hope is like. It starts really small. We only need a tiny bit to get going.
Seeds are hope carriers. If we keep hold of our hope it starts to grow… little by little… until before we know it, it’s grown into something huge – like an enormous tree!

I wonder, what are you hoping for right now? You might like to tell God about your hopes.

Hold the small object you found at the start inside your hand and make a fist around it. Now think about the thing you hope for most right now, while holding your hand tight. As you start to open up your hand, say what you will do to help your hope to grow.

Start with: ‘To help my hope to grow, I will…’
Ask your family to help you.

Watch the second video opposite which shows a school at the start of the year.

As you watch, think about what your hope is after our time away from school. What will you hope for in your new start?

If you wish, say a prayer asking God to help you.

Dear God,
We thank you for giving us hope when we feel worried,

when we are having a hard time,

when we don’t know what’s ahead of us and when we are sad.

Thank you that even the smallest seed of hope can grow into a big, tall tree.

Please help us when we find it hard to be hopeful, so we can offer hope to others.


Click the third video opposite to join in with one our favourite hymns.


Let us go out of this Collective Worship with kind and positive thoughts

We will be the best that we can be

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