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W/C 18th May 2020

This is our special time together

Let us light the candle

Find a small stone and hold it in your hand.
Could something this small make any difference to anything?

Decorate your small stone using felt pens or paint: with hearts, a rainbow, or whatever is a reminder to ‘take heart’ and be courageous (a permanent pen like a Sharpie can work best, but be careful!). If you can, using a mixture of PVA (runny) glue and water over the top; when your stone has dried this will act as a varnish and give it a shine. Look opposite for some ideas...

Find a place where you can be still, without interruptions.

You might like to light a candle as you begin.
I wonder what you think of when you hear the word courage?
I wonder who you think of when you hear the word courage?
I wonder if you can think of a time in your life when you had to be filled with courage? What did this feel like?

Click on the picture opposite to watch the first video .

In today’s Bible story, we learn how courage can be used even when faced by a giant problem - it is the story of David and Goliath.

Time for reflection

I wonder how David felt when he faced Goliath. In some ways, David felt no differently facing Goliath than he would have facing a lion or bear that was threatening his sheep…he believed that the same God who gave him courage to do this would be with him in facing Goliath. That was the secret of his courage.

Captain Tom Moore celebrated his 100th birthday recently and has raised over 31 million pounds for NHS charities, by doing something that seems quite ordinary… walking. He could easily have said ‘I am too old to make a difference.’
Do you think he showed courage?
Thousands of NHS workers, Care assistants, supermarket workers - and your teachers - are justdoing their jobs. How are they showing courage? How can you encourage them?


You might like to tell God about how you feel about all the courageous people you are thinking about.

This week, when you feel like you need some courage, look at your small stone…
…..it might remind you of the story of David and Goliath…
…..it might remind you that small things can make a big difference…
…..it might remind you that a bit of courage and encouragement can go a long way… 

Click here to see Captain Tom finish his 100th lap.

As you watch, think about what you might need courage for at the moment.

If you wish, say a prayer asking God to help you.

Dear God,

You know that I often feel frightened at the moment.

Frightened about what will happen to me, to those I love and to our school community. But I know that you have been with me.

I know that you will be with us today.

I know that you will be with me in the future.

Give me courage to do the big things, the little things and the difficult things that will
make a difference to someone else today.


Click on the music opposite to join in with one our favourite hymns.


I wonder, how might you be courageous like David this week?
I wonder, how might you help someone else who is feeling worried and anxious this week? Could you help them to be courageous by encouraging or helping them?


Be bold, be strong

 Be bold, be strong, for the Lord, your God, is with you.                                                                       Be bold, be strong, for the Lord, your God, is with you.                                                                       I am not afraid, I am not dismayed,                                                                                                                   Because I’m walking in faith and victory, come on and walk in faith and victory,                 For the Lord, your God, is with you.          X2

Let us go out of this Collective Worship with kind and positive thoughts

We will be the best that we can be

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