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W/C 22nd June 2020

This is our special time together           :           Let us light the candle

This week's theme is HUMILITY.

We live in a world where some people say: “look at me, look at me”, chasing after fame and wanting to be noticed. Yet the real heroes (as we have seen over the last few weeks) are the everyday people who care for, and think of others.

Being humble means having a realistic picture of ourselves – to be mindful of the times we do amazing things (wow!), the times we fail (ow!) - and seeks to build others up, rather than looking for fame or recognition.

Watch the first video opposite to see how small our planet really is.

Sometimes we need to remember we are all a very small part of a much bigger world.

Sometimes we need to remember that we are not all perfect and don't need to be.

Can you find a shoe in your home – one that’s been well-used, perhaps a bit smelly?
Hold it and ask yourself, how has it been damaged or scuffed as it’s been used? What it’s made of, who might have made it? In what ways is this special? Can you find anything beautiful or amazing about how it’s been made, or the experiences it’s been through?

This week we are going to use this shoe, and others, to learn more about humility – being humble.

Humility is a difficult word to understand. But it’s a wonderful quality! If you have humility you can really listen to people, and you can see the good in everyone – and you can accept that you are not perfect!

You could draw your own shoe to have as a focus for the week (in case you need your real one!)

See the picture opposite for ideas.

You may like to light a candle to help you reflect.

This week, we are thinking about the idea of humility

This week's Bible story is about the tax collector and the Pharisee.

Watch the video opposite to learn about the story of the tax collector.

Did you notice…?
• What the Pharisee does to show how ‘good’ he thinks he is?
• What the tax-collector does to show that he knows he is not perfect – that he has done things that are wrong?
• Who Jesus says is ‘right with God’ that day?

How do you think the tax collector would feel on hearing this? What about the Pharisee?
The Pharisee liked to draw attention to himself. ‘Look at me! Look how amazing I am! Look how I am so much better than others around me!’ In order to build himself up, he put others down. This is the opposite of what humility is. Humility, or being humble, is about putting others first and knowing that you are not perfect. In this Bible story, Jesus mentioned that it was the tax collector that God was most pleased with… the tax collector who would be made great.

Time for reflection

Create a tower of shoes using those you are allowed to in your home.

As you do so, think…
… about how you could build others up this week
… how others in your life help to build you up and support you
… how we are not perfect – everyone makes mistakes and can accidentally knock people down.

If we say sorry, we can help to rebuild relationships.

If you wish, tell God about one of those times.

You might also like to say a prayer to God, asking you to help with this.


Loving God,

You know we are not perfect.

You see our mistakes and you know our thoughts,

You know how great we sometimes want to be.

Help us to change our perspective so that we take our eyes off the wonder of ourselves, looking at the wonder of others instead.

Help us to see greatness in everyone, seeing your life within each person we meet.


Click on the music opposite to join in with a hymn you may have heard at school.

Let us go out of this Collective Worship with kind and positive thoughts.

We will be the best that we can be.

Reflection comments

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