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Love and Friendship

Quotes from our Collective Worship Group

Love and Friendship is about being kind to people and then they will be kind to other people and make the world a better place like setting a good example (Maggie and Ava).

Love and friendship is like a glass and it shatters when trust is broken .You need to show you’re trustworthy to your friends, family and teachers (Gabriel and Louis).

Helping my mummy shows her I love her and then she can trust me to help her again (Jessie).

Love and Friendship is important in school because you need to show that you like your friends. You can show this by caring and sharing for example if all the skipping ropes are gone you should share yours with your friends who don’t have any (Lewis and Bibi).

Loving God and each other is one of the 10 commandments (Ava).

Jesus and his followers loved others and were kind to them for example in the story of the Good Samaritan (Louis)

Jesus loved Saul so he made him a nicer person who changed his name to Paul and spread the word of Jesus (Gabriel)