Rawdon St. Peter's C of E Primary School

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School Dinners

Children are able to concentrate and learn better when they have eaten a healthy, balanced lunch – school meals can be the simple solution.

 ALL children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 are completely FREE! This will provide a saving to families of £430 per year for each child.

In our school we serve children a balanced diet which follows the published nutritional standards

  •  Fresh vegetables and potatoes, locally when in season
  •  UK farm assured chicken, beef and lamb 
  •  Free range eggs from East Yorkshire
  •  100% salmon and white fish fillet from sustainable sources
  •  Dolphin friendly tuna
  •  Choice UK cheddar

Our lunch menu must contain every day at least one item from each of the following

  • fruit
  • vegetables
  • milk & dairy
  • meat or fish, or alternative source of protein
  • bread is available daily
  • drink of water/milk/pure juice

In  addition to the above, red meat must be offered at least twice a week. Fish must be offered at least once a week, of that fish, oily fish must be served at least once in every 3 weeks. A fruit based dessert must be available twice a week. Menus are designed to provide healthy, balanced meals, which will be enjoyed by children.

All medical and religious diets can be catered for.


School dinner menus are changed weekly for three weeks then repeated on a three week basis until the end of term. A new selection of menus will then be supplied.

 Charges for School Dinners

Reception to Year 2  - free

KS2 - £2.45 per day

All school meals are paid via Parent Pay.

 Changes to Meal Patterns

Forms to change meal patterns are available from the school office. Please note that we require a half term notice to change any type of meal arrangement .

If you require any further information regarding school dinners, please contact the office.

School Menus - Click below the image to download a pdf of the menus, or click here to open menus on a new tab.