Maths is everywhere. We use it in our daily lives far more often than we realise. From time, money, shape and measure, the older we get the more complex issues around this basic knowledge becomes. At Rawdon St. Peter’s, we are responsible for putting mathematical foundations in place, building concepts and confidence. We understand how important maths is for our children to be successful in later life.

The attitude to learning encouraged by staff, which is nurtured through our maths teaching and learning at Rawdon St. Peter’s, allows pupils to have a positive attitude towards maths, a drive to succeed and they never give up.

Our approach to the teaching and learning of maths is aligned with the Rawdon St. Peter’s curriculum rationale to promote ‘Life in all its fullness’.

Linked with our Curriculum Rationale, we follow the RSP Maths Strategy for the teaching and learning of maths. This strategy has been written by our teachers for our children and promotes a progressive and consistent approach to teaching and learning.

The RSP Maths Strategy