Tuck Shop

At RSP, we offer the children a Tuck Shop, which is available to children in year 1 to year 6 at morning break. 
To allow our kitchen staff to order enough food, tuck shop must be preordered and paid for via ParentPay. To order Tuck Shop, please complete the form with your selection and then make a payment on ParentPay.  You can leave a balance on ParentPay like school meals to keep your account in credit and items will be charged as they are taken. You can now order Tuck Shop weekly or we are trialing ordering it half termly too. 
The weekly form will be available for you to pre-book for the following week and will close at 9am on Friday morning prior. 
The half termly form will open at 9am on the Monday of the last week of each half term and close on the Friday of the same week at 9am.


Please note that if you are using the half term option, once the form has been completed, no changes can be made for that half term.


Please ensure that you complete the form carefully with all the relavant details.
As the food for Tuck Shop is ordered in advance, we regret that we are unable to accept late orders or give refunds if your child is absent from school.
  Snack Choice Fruit Choice
Monday Toast Orange
Tuesday Cheese & Crackers Melon
Wednesday Bagel Orange
Thursday Toast Melon
Friday Pizza Orange