School Council



Our School Council give our pupils a voice in our school development.

Elections are held at the start of each year to select two representatives from class in years 1 to 6. The children standing for election complete a manifesto that they present to their class, after which an anonymous ballot is held.

The School Council has set it’s priorities for this year as:

· Safety in and around our school,

· Evaluating the playtime experience and activities,

· Fundraising to support our community.



The School Council are a key part of our community, involved with key decisions around school.

The councillors lead regular class meetings and gather opinions from their classes. These views are used to set the agenda and to plan actions. They are an active team who enjoy taking responsibility, developing skills in discussion and debate, problem solving and learning the importance of having a voice in shaping decisions. They have even been involved in the recruitment process for new staff joining our school!


Projects planned in line with our School Council priorities:

· Parking Patrol with the local PCSO,

· Competition for safer riving and parking around our immediate area,

· Safer Internet Day activities promoting online safety,

· Fundraising for Comic Relief,

· Meeting with a local councillor,

· Planning how the pupils want to commemorate the coronation,

· Fundraising with a stall at our summer fair.