A Warm Welcome

Welcome to Rawdon St. Peter's Church of England Primary School. Founded by Thomas Layton in 1710, the 'Old Town School' has evolved over three centuries to become Rawdon St. Peter's Church of England Primary School, located in the heart of Rawdon village, nestled at the foot of 'The Billing'. We are very proud of our close links with St. Peter's Church and our Christian ethos.

Our skilled teaching staff creatively deliver a thoughtfully crafted curriculum. We keep learning active, fun and provide experiences for our children which immerse them in their learning. Learning is language rich and provides challenge for all, allow us to unlock every child's potential, whatever it may be. We create opportunities for deep thinking, collaboration and problem solving. Pair this with teaching the knowledge we know pupils will need as they grow with us, and we are skilfully able to help them deal with the complexities of the modern society and be ready for the wider world. 

Good relationships are the bedrock of Rawdon St. Peter's, with equal commitment from pupils, staff, parents/carers and governors. Our Christian Values are central to all we do. Our pupils are polite and thoughtful as well as confident and open-minded. They are keen to learn and determined to be successful in whatever they do. They play in harmony, know how to be a good friend and how to keep themselves and others safe. We work in partnership with Green Meadows Academy who deliver learning to their pupils in the 'Orchard' base, enabling pupils with specific needs to be full members of our school community.  Children learn amidst a warm and friendly atmosphere, the result of our open and inclusive approach. 

The staff here at Rawdon St. Peter's are an approachable team. Like our pupils, they are keen, enthusiastic and eager to grow. They believe in valuing every child in our family and unlock the potential they have. Staff work in collaboration with our Family of Schools within the Aireborough Learning Partnership Trust. We make the most of opportunities to collaborate, learn together and have excellent links with local high schools.

We look forward to welcoming you into our school. 


Miss L Clapham