Rawdon St. Peter's C of E Primary School

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School Uniform

Blue or yellow/gold polo shirt

Grey skirt, trousers or shorts

Royal Blue cardigan or sweatshirt

Summer dress – blue or yellow check

Plain dark school shoes or plain sandals

(no boots/heeled shoes or open-toed sandals)

KS1 P.E. Kit                        

Royal blue P.E. t-shirt                     

Navy blue shorts


 KS2 P.E. Kit                                           KS2 Outdoor Kit       

Royal blue P.E. t-shirt                           Royal blue hoodie (N.B. this is an item of P.E. kit only)

Navy blue shorts                                   Blue jogging bottoms

Trainers.                                                   Trainers

 Year 4 Girls Swimming

A one piece swimming costume (no bikinis)   

A towel (and optional ‘turbitowel’ for hair)

Optional: Brush/comb

 Year 4 Boys Swimming

A pair of trunks/shorts (no Bermudas or long shorts please as these can be dangerous)

A towel                    Optional: Brush/comb/Shampoo

All swimwear and towels etc should have a name clearly visible and be placed in a waterproof/plastic bag, which is separate to school books

It is a legal requirement that all children participate in P.E. lessons. Children must have their P.E. kit in school at all times and are required to change into their P.E. kit for P.E lessons. Children will need an indoor kit and an outdoor kit. For reasons of health and safety track suit bottoms cannot be worn for gymnastics and dance. If girls need to cover arms and legs for religious reasons, black leggings/long sleeved leotards can be worn for gymnastics and dance as long as the legs of the garment do not drag on the floor. P.E. kit should also be worn for after school sporting clubs. All P.E. kits should be free from any logo or brand name, apart from the school logo.

Rawdon St. Peter’s C of E Primary School uniform can be ordered and purchased at PC Sports on Yeadon Town Street, Leeds 19 or please speak to the school office.


 Pump Bags and Bags

All children should have a named pump bag in school in which to keep their P.E. kit. This should be kept at school to avoid children forgetting it. We would be grateful if for our youngest children, the pump bag could also contain a spare pair of pants and socks in the event of “accidents”. Pupils at KS1 may bring their reading book to school in a book bag or similar and their P.E. kit in a named pump bag. Please no large bags as there is no space in cloakrooms and the pegs will not hold them.

At KS2 pupils may bring their own bags but please no large bags as space is at premium.


Please note that long hair should be tied back at all times.


Jewellery is generally not allowed in school. Watches and plain ear studs are allowed but they must be removed for P.E. The school accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to any jewellery, or injuries caused by earrings during any physical activity.

If your child has a specific reason for wearing jewellery (e.g. religious) please contact the Headteacher.

Make Up and Nail Varnish should not be worn in school.

 Second Hand Uniform

If you have any donations or are in need of buying uniform, can be contacted via the school office. Throughout the school year the PTA continue to hold uniform stalls at various events if you need to stock up during the year.

Uniform Policy Document