School Lunchtimes

Children are able to concentrate and learn better when they have eaten a healthy, balanced lunch – school meals can be the simple solution.

ALL children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 receive a school meal completely FREE! This will provide a saving to families of £430 per year for each child.

In our school we serve children a balanced diet which follows the published nutritional standards;

  •  Fresh vegetables and potatoes, sourced locally when in season.
  •  UK farm assured chicken, beef and lamb.
  •  Free range eggs from East Yorkshire.
  •  100% salmon and white fish fillet from sustainable sources.
  •  Dolphin friendly tuna.
  •  Choice UK cheddar.

Our lunch menu must contain at least one item every day from each of the following:

  • fruit,
  • vegetables,
  • milk & dairy,
  • meat, fish or alternative source of protein,
  • bread is available daily,
  • drink of water/milk/pure juice.

In  addition to the above, red meat must be offered at least twice a week. Fish must be offered at least once a week, of that fish, oily fish must be served at least once in every 3 weeks. A fruit based dessert must be available twice a week. Menus are designed to provide healthy, balanced meals, which will be enjoyed by children.

All medical and religious diets can be catered for.


You can find our dinner menu here.

Charges for School Dinners

Reception to Year 2  - free

KS2 - £2.59 per day

All school meals are paid via Parent Pay.

Changes to Meal Patterns

Please email the school office with any meal changes. Please note that we require a half term notice to change any type of meal arrangement.

If you require any further information regarding school dinners, please contact the office.

Packed Lunches

Throughout this past year the School Council have been looking into a topic that’s very close to our hearts and tummies… food! In particular, our packed lunches. We have noticed that not everyone is making the best choices when it comes to packing their own (or their children’s) lunches and we wanted to help change this by creating some guidelines that we could all work from when making our packed lunches.

As you all know, our school dinners (cooked by Mrs Cliffe and her team) have to be balanced, healthy and must follow the Eat Well plate. This made us think ‘Why can’t our packed lunches follow the same plan?’ We then decided to research what children on packed lunches brought in for their lunch, but also what they thought of their packed lunches – gathering their opinions was very important.

We understand that food fuels working brains, and working brains are what we all have – put in the wrong fuel and the brain doesn’t work. Do you know what makes a healthy packed lunch? Here’s what we’ve come up with:

- A sandwich, bagel, wrap or a salad.

- At least 1 fruit and veg item.

- A milk or dairy product.

- A drink, but nothing fizzy!

- And no more than one sweet treat.

School Council have put together a couple of documents to help children and adults with preparing healthy packed lunches.  Please see the summary of all our guidance below.

We realise that it can be quite difficult to be inspired by packed lunches every day. For helpful ideas please visit We really appreciate your support and hope that you’ll have fun helping Rawdon St. Peter’s raise the standard of our packed lunches.

Please note we have a number of children in school with nut allergies and therefore are unable to allow children to bring nut products into school in their packed lunches or as snacks.