Collective Worship


This our special time together.

Let us light the candle.

 Image result for candle 

We leave our collective worship with kind and positive thoughts.

We will be the best that we can be. 


Collective Worship has a central place in the life of our school.

It can be defined as the coming together of our school community to consider matters which we hold in greater worth. It is an affirmation and celebration of ideals and values of central importance to our school community.

Each week the school has a focused theme which is shared through class and whole school Collective Worship. These theme is discussed and reinforced through a variety of ways each week, helping children to understand their own spiritual journey.


Collective Worship takes place each day in different ways:


Mondays: Whole school Collective Worship

Tuesday: Key Stage Collective Worship

Wednesday: Songs of Priase

Thursday: Class Worship and Reflection

Friday: Collective Worship Celebration


Pupils are actively involved in Collective Worship.  Our Collective Worship group meets with the headteacher each half term to discuss themes and ideas.